The ONLY Way To Stop Warmongering...

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The ONLY Way To Stop Warmongering...

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 17, 2014 9:35 pm

This might make some of us mad, but it's true, and until it's accepted, unjust wars will continue forever...

Lew Rockwell wrote:"The veterans who helped commit a crime against humanity with an aggressive US war against Iraq, who helped in the murder by sanctions, bombs, depleted uranium, bullets of more than a million people and the destruction of an ancient society, who fought for Exxon and McDonald-Douglas and the empire, are feeling that their “sacrifices” were not, after all, worth it. Folks. as Ron Paul’s favorite antiwar song points out, the politicians and the generals and the munitions manufacturers can’t do it alone. They need the soldiers, and if young men refuse to fight wars of aggression, there wouldn’t be any more of them." Lew Rockwell  Lew Rockwell


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